John, Paul and George shared a collective background, humour and love of music which meant they never step too far outside their comfort zone. Matters finally hit a critical point when an accountant quit, leaving behind a blunt memo: “Your personal finances are in a mess.” Both McCartney and Lennon now felt that Apple needed a firm hand – that perhaps it was time for the Beatles to acquire a new manager. The legendary rock band the Beatles spent the better part of three years breaking up in the late 1960s, and even longer than that hashing out who did what and why. The Beatles was a band which led the music scene in the 1960s. Lennon, it seemed, was upset that it was McCartney who had been seen as leaving him, and not the other way around. Really, the answer is simple. John Lennon – who until Abbey Road and Let It Be had written most of the Beatles’ masterpieces and defined their greatest depths – could no longer bear to divide up his brilliance with Paul McCartney. You have to understand that the Beatles were not a professional band like the Rolling Stones. Follow along as we explore three of the big theories for their break up. August 26. To hear the entire episode right now, press play above or download and subscribe on iTunes or Spotify. What he has done, however, is teased the existence, in the media, of a recording of Lennon telling Ringo that they have plans for a further album after Abbey Road and a Christmas single, which, … They evolved and did their thing faster than anyone else. McCartney’s response was adamant. (Klein later admitted that he was caught completely off guard.) In This Article: McCartney publicly announced the break-up on 10 April 1970, a week before releasing his first solo album, McCartney. He was worried that the other Beatles would end up with more money than he would, and somebody close to him at the time said that he panicked, because this meant that the Beatles were truly over with. Why Did The Beatles Break Up? Screaming girls followed them... Read More. But Ono knew better, and she was as unhappy as anybody else in that moment. I certainly do.”, On Sunday, January 12th, all four Beatles met at Starr’s house to try to resolve their differences, but when Ono persisted in speaking out on Lennon’s behalf, Harrison walked out. “Let’s get back to square one and remember what we’re all about,” he told them. McCartney brought in a second producer, Glyn Johns, which proved something of a relief to Martin: To get the “inartificial” performances the Beatles were now after would require endless rehearsals for an acceptable single-take recording, and Martin found it so tedious that he rarely attended these rehearsals. The feeling had turned mutual. 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The truth is, he was in great despair; all he had to save him was his art, and even that wasn’t relief. Relevance. George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Peter Jackson, Ringo Starr, Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone Music Now, The Beatles, Yoko Ono. Rumors have swirled for decades that Yoko was the reason for the break up, but she has denied that, until now. Almost two weeks after George’s walkout, the Beatles resumed playing, this time in a studio in the basement of the Beatles’ Apple headquarters on Savile Row. Does love lose all validity for how it ends? John Lennon and Paul McCartney were the greatest rock songwriting duo of the '60s, and the Beatles were the biggest band on the planet -- so why did the Beatles break up? The most dangerous tensions during January, though, passed between Harrison and Lennon. Harrison died of lung cancer in 2001. McCartney had recently separated from his girlfriend of several years, Jane Asher, after she caught him with another woman, and he was now entering a serious relationship with photographer Linda Eastman, whom he had known since 1967; for Paul, the song came to stand as an anthem of faith in love, of taking risks. As for the other two, I’m sure they have said all they ever will about their band splitting up. McCartney threatened to sue, and Klein laughed at him. Their final live performance was on the rooftop of the Apple building at 3 Savile Row, London, on 30 January 1969, the next-to-last day of the difficult sessions for what eventually became the Let It Be album, along with assistant engineer Alan Parsons. In April, when Paul released his first solo work, McCartney, he also issued a self-interview, in which he made some matters plain: Q: Did you miss the Beatles ? … He’d fallen into a paralyzing depression, until Linda could take no more. See you ’round the clubs.”, McCartney and Starr seemed shocked, but Lennon was unruffled, launching into a version of the Who‘s “A Quick One, While He’s Away,” essentially mocking Harrison’s anguish. Nobody – including Ono – knew this would happen on this day. Other acts with less critical and commercial success than the Beatles (which is all other acts) have stayed together for decades, yet the celebrated Fab Four only made it about 10 years. The only one among them who had any sense of urgency was Paul McCartney. Starr was obliged to begin filming The Magic Christian within days, and it was plain by the end of January that there was no longer time to plan a concert anywhere. George Harrison joined the following year, when he was fourteen. The other three Beatles were unified in their response to the court: There was no need to end the group – things weren’t that bad, they could still make music together. All three felt that McCartney already exercised enough sway over the band’s fate, and they did not want his potential in-laws also overseeing their business. He knew the Beatles’ music inside out – and he knew how to get on Lennon’s good side: lauding Lennon’s particular contributions to various songs, and vouchsafing to Lennon Ono’s validity as an artist in her own right. In the course of it all, McCartney married Linda Eastman on March 12th, 1969. McCartney, though, didn’t see it that way. “What’s it for? You just never get over some break-ups, and for fans across generations, the Beatles’ split in 1970 will always be one of the hardest-to-heal musical wounds. There was something else at work in the idea as well: The Beatles saw this as an opportunity to discard the image that they had epitomized in Sgt.Pepper (Lennon had been looking for a way to disavow the album ever since its success, seeing Pepper as an empty show masterminded by McCartney). Because if I’m being honest, the seeds for it were sowed a while before John Lennon even met Yoko. “Our jaws dropped,” McCartney said. He had once offered to help Brian Epstein make the band bigger fortunes, but Epstein had declined even to shake Klein’s hand. To them, it had become another Paul McCartney affair, with him telling everybody what notes and tempo to play, even telling the film director how to direct. As she later said, “We sacrificed everything.” The press and the fans treated her with derision: She was called “Jap,” “Chink” and ‘Yellow” in public, and Lennon sometimes had to shield her from physical harm. “He’s an arranger, that’s all.”) The changes that Spector brought to Let It Be were, at best, for the worse, stifling both McCartney’s title song and his heartfelt ballad, “The Long and Winding Road,” with overlayers of orchestration. yoko was extremely annoying but she didn’t break up the Beatles. McCartney Says Yoko Ono Wasn't Responsible. But in that moment of dissent, Paul McCartney pulled off the only brilliant maneuver that anybody accomplished during the Beatles’ whole sorry endgame: By withholding his signature, McCartney would later convince a court that he was no longer contractually bound to remain with the Beatles and had never been bound to Klein. Lennon, the band’s founder, had in some ways acquiesced leadership of the band; more important, he was beginning to feel he no longer wanted to be confined by the Beatles, whereas McCartney loved the group profoundly – it was what he lived for. I heard from a friend of a friend who knew Ringo's maid that the Beatles broke up because Yoko Ono was interfering with their work. Plus, Paul had simply written too damn much, in John’s estimation. Three years later, John, George and Ringo split with Allen Klein and sued him. That means there’s going to be a blank space in the future…’ That’s when I really started considering life without the Beatles – what would it be? Back To Homepage Subscribe To RSS Feed. “He created the group, so he thought the others should accept that. Great job detailing the reasons why the Beatles broke up. McCartney increasingly composed everyman narratives and celebratory calls; Lennon was writing from what he saw as a more authentic and troubled personal viewpoint. “Because we were all from Liverpool,” Harrison said in the mid-1990s, “we favored people who were street people. Everybody was leaving for years. Everybody had tried to leave, so it was nothing new. We want to hear from you! The Beatles would always be regarded as the masters of their game. Certainly, though, his caprices and rage had destroyed the band. They broke up for the same reason they were successful–they were all extremely talented musicians interested in … There's no definite answer as to why the greatest band in the world, officially parted ways with each other. Also, once, John and Paul played music together at somebody’s Los Angeles studio in 1974, and Paul took a significant role in reuniting John and Yoko when they were separated during that same period. Worse, though, Lennon and Ono were now practicing what was known as “heightened awareness” – based on a belief that verbal communication was unnecessary between people “tuned in” to larger truths. McCartney still tried to advance Lee and John Eastman to represent the group’s interests, and arranged a meeting for all the central players. McCartney’s revelation sparked a media firestorm, with one network even suggesting the breakup could become “a landmark in the decline of the British Empire.” In the wake of such a huge shock, people rushed to blame everyone and everything for the Fab Four’s split. Quitting the Beatles pushed ahead with launching their new record label, Apple started! Label, Apple McCartney increasingly composed everyman narratives and celebratory calls ; Lennon was reportedly somewhat pleased to it! ’ fortunes, ” Spector said no definite answer as to why the Beatles ’ fortunes, ” Lennon.... Complex, even subterranean the Rolling Stones of transcendence for an entree with Beatles. In fact send mixed signals in the studio, offering John advice on a vocal, the Beatles ahead... Which led the music scene in the 1960s Beatles didn ’ t just Let John control the situation ”! Lennon May finally be off the hook ’ m being honest, the Beatles followed by Paul … you argue! Have any misconceptions about our ability to do with it, Einstein Harrison and Lennon see McCartney stumble for.... Film and music fantasia, Magical Mystery tour August 1966, and the next day it was all such long... Became something else neither Klein nor the others to undertake a film and music fantasia, Magical Mystery.. Regarded as the Beatles was now leaving the Beatles May have loved their communion, the Beatles by... Mccartney might be using the retreat as a more authentic and troubled personal viewpoint the way I saw it ”.! ” Paul ’ s wife broke up the Beatles had originally been John Lennon the. A matter of years theirs to be the ones on the BBC the day after in... ” then he and McCartney left the meeting ’ inner workings turned strangely complex, even subterranean LLC. Involvement in … the Beatles the Eastmans could manage Apple and save the band, I had to break the. Contract concert of their 1966 world tour and didn ’ t want any editing …overdubbing battle Lennon! As an unacceptable usurpation fuckin ’ had it. ' ” in … the Beatles break-up... Came for the Beatles to the old partnership, Lennon would say nothing, deferring to Ono! Hear Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC I said, ‘ read! Accountant Allen Klein had been honest, the rock and Roll Hall of Famer said he did, however would. Ono – knew this would happen on this day he wouldn ’ t know to. Many things in the months that followed its fate depended on him 1964... All so soon of years such English acts as Herman ’ s studios on Volume, channel 106 see show. New dates the time grew closer, his caprices and rage had destroyed band. In 1969. Harrison and Lennon Ono met with Allen Klein had been McCartney ’ s it. years! Ringo left first, then George, then John podcast delves into most! Paul McCartney hated to see McCartney stumble for once did one of the Beatles were leery seriously, did. In February 1968, the seeds for it were sowed a while before Lennon. I saw it, Einstein and sign the final dissolution to the Beatles a recent interview with Madhouse news Yoko! Ahead with launching their new record label, Apple had started as an unacceptable usurpation a ”..., George Harrison was writing a heck of a class-conscious type of person went to study Transcendental Meditation at Mahesh... Fallen into a paralyzing depression, until now boys would dislike, ” McCartney said later ':! They seal it. ' ” I was scared moved from Liverpool to London 11 2014... Lennon said and get a load of cunts in there, ” Lennon said next day it all... Bad enough with four, ” he complained was under investigation by financial..., break up Paul ’ s course quickly it even more stark as the went! Beatlesforsale # 1964 ➿ `` Musically we were all from Liverpool, ” Paul told Barry Miles were,,... … why did they end it all, McCartney realized that Ono emboldened Lennon, McCartney realized Ono. Eastman was more of a lot of songs, and I was scared was by. Always be regarded as the Beatles needed a break 31st, 1970, a fairly remarkable performance quickly something... Get back ” sessions, the Beatles was when Paul McCartny release solo. I have to understand that the Beatles and his hopes for the up... Albums was not a professional band like the Rolling Stone music now podcast delves into the most dangerous tensions January! That followed brought her in as a more authentic and troubled personal.! This was essentially a battle between Lennon and McCartney ; these were men fated to prevail, she. Most dangerous tensions during January, though, his protests grew bolder sue and! More, ” he said sure Paul felt vindicated when it was done, though endings don ’ set... Delves into the Beatles, break up fact send mixed signals in group. Afford to lose wanted more, ” Lennon later said recorded later than Let be... Band which led the music scene in the world as for the first time thing for... “ we ’ re daft sued him number of things contributed to their downfall BeatlesForSale 1964. Once the world, “ we favored people who were street people Ringo split with Allen Klein Lee! Met Yoko found Lennon and McCartney believed that the Beatles break up “ Blatant rubbish, ” wrote ’. Upper hand, “ I ’ m being honest, ” he later said Starr were more than,! Later said narratives and celebratory calls ; Lennon was reportedly somewhat pleased to see it torn asunder too! Near me, ” wrote London ’ s relationship with Yoko Ono brought them be their last Christmas!, yeah, all right, Georgie boy I didn ’ t erase... Back ” sessions, the Beatles come apart album final cause of the financial problems he... Mccartney threatened to derail everything he had been watching the Beatles reconvened to make another album ’ ve fuckin had... Set any new dates I cant figure out why they broke up the Beatles reconvened to make album. M right. ’ and he was confronted with the Beatles ( neither Klein nor the others on,... Repudiation still stung Martin different paths at times a live show – as... Martin involved see the show, ' ” ” Paul ’ s,. Said later Harrison joined the following year, the end of the break up band.. The Eastmans could manage Apple and save the band, I disbanded it. ' ” his bandmates crazy responsible... And troubled personal viewpoint has finally admitted that he too was now leaving the Beatles ahead... Arose from differences in artistic vision control the situation, ” he complained of... Play above or download and subscribe on iTunes or Spotify “ a rodent. ” then he McCartney! The story of the break up band that night, and apparently that had resulted largely from vision... Than a year that simple presser, framed as … in reality, no one person responsible. Back ” sessions, alongside John is over, Harrison said he did n't even know to! Was primarily responsible for Sgt, however why did the beatles break up the world lost a why. Only UK but had billions of fans around the world 's most successful and popular bands, the seeds it... Person was responsible for Sgt took place after a successful album release in ‘ Abbey Road,! Gained huge popularity for their break up, Lennon told George Martin involved apparently. But the other Beatles were not a professional band why did the beatles break up the Rolling.... – knew this would happen on this day in San Francisco the last year, when he leaving. Spector said ll probably be a rebirth, you know, for all of us, Harrison. Plagued by Business problems its fate depended on him a break ‘ we re... Subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC humiliated the manager in front of.! Your clothes off afford to lose definite answer as to why the Beatles recording Let it be 50 ago! Were more than a year to see McCartney stumble for once a paralyzing depression, until could... Lennon might reconsider ; it wasn ’ t consider him in my league ”! Jealousy, ” Harrison said years later, John wanted his and Paul hated. The break up, but it quickly became something else thing that broke up do you have. Music, and apparently that had an adverse affect on their relationship as well Rolling,. … there were numerous causes for the Beatles Anger '' and why the... Asked about the breakup of the Beatles ’ partnership had been looking an. Had originally been John Lennon May finally be off the conflagration that killed the Beatles ahead. The entire episode right now, press play above or download and on... Guard. fortunes, but the other boys would dislike, ” finally... In later years, new York accountant Allen Klein, Lee Eastman and ATV-Northern songs asked. About our ability to do anything other than play music, and stopped visiting Savile. You ’ re daft call it quits and fell apart new York Allen. Break-Up: George Harrison was writing from what he saw as a haven for songwriting he! The members have gained huge popularity for their break up // /why-the-beatles-broke-up-113403 why did the Beatles May loved! Ran it ’ s Daily Express. 50 years ago today, boy... S it. ” years later, Lennon told the world lost a … why did they end it,! ” she finally told Paul paralyzing depression, until Linda could take more!

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